Frequently Asked Questions

How do you go about renting from Keene Cribs?

First, it helps to get yourself organized, by figuring out how many people are going to be in your group and decide on how many bedrooms you will be looking for in your rental.

Once you know your group size you can send an email to, or call/text us to let us know what you’re looking for (email is preferred). At this point we will be able to answer basic questions and inform you of what’s available.

We will then coordinate a showing at the property(s) of your choosing and give you a tour of the rental. At that time we can answer any questions you may have and give you more in depth information.

If you would like to pursue a lease for a property after your showing, you will need to fill out a Lease Application Form. There is no fee for the application and it does not obligate you to anything. It simply gives us the information we need to draft up a lease and email it out to you and your co-signer.

In order to secure the property for your group you need to return the signed leases with security deposit. You do not all need to sign one copy of the lease. You, your roommates and your parents can each sign and send in a lease separately.

What’s generally included in the rent?

All of our properties include the following utilities in the rent: Cold water, Sewer, Snow Plowing, Lawn Care and Garbage Removal. We do offer some properties that include Heat, Electricity and Hot Water.

When do we show properties?

Our policy is not to bother our tenants any more than necessary, this goes for showings of properties as well. For this reason we usually keep showings to Tuesdays and Wednesdays between 11am-7pm.

We start showing available properties in the middle of September for the following school year. By that time we have gotten numerous requests for housing from students. The students looking for housing for the following year determine when rental showings start, we simply try to comply with the demand.

Length of lease term?

All of our leases run from June 1st to May 15th unless otherwise specified.

2% Discount

We offer a 2% discount for those who pay the year in full at the beginning of the lease. This also relieves you from the joint and several rental portion of the lease.

10 Payment Plan

The lease is a term lease with occupancy from June 1st until May 15th for a school year rental. If you stay for more than one year, your occupancy runs straight through and ends on May 15th of the following year. The lease is actually a 10 month lease complying with New Hampshire laws. It gives you April and May occupancy without paying rent if the rent is fully paid in March. The first payment is due on or before occupancy of June 1st and the last payment is due on March 1st. No payments are made for April or May.
The reason for this structuring of the lease came about from years of experience renting to students. There have been too many times students have decided to not pay the last month’s rent with the mentality that their security deposit will be used to cover it. The issue with this practice is that the security deposit is to be held in the event of damages and to cover any shortage in rent. By using all the security to cover rent shortage there is nothing left to make needed repairs to the property should there need to be any because of damage caused by the tenant. I hope you can appreciate that college students have the potential to do large amounts of damage to a property in a very short time. We could tell you horror stories of tenant behavior. By structuring the lease in 10 payments we have been able to curb the practice of using the security for rent.
To parents who might be reading this I ask you to try and imagine allowing your son or daughter to have complete control over your own house for a year. They have it to do with it as they please and you are not allowed to monitor their behavior behind the closed doors. It is this exact scenario that we face every year, and we are happy to say that most of our tenants are responsible and take good care of the property they rent. Unfortunately, there are always some tenants that get carried away or have little regard for the property they rented and return it in absolutely deplorable condition. It is the latter case that has prompted the lease to be structured the way it is.

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